Leica Geosystems and ESRI Announced Geodatabase Support in ERDAS IMAGINE V8.6

Leica GeosystemsandESRIannounced geodatabase support capability in ERDAS IMAGINE V8.6. ERDAS IMAGINE V8.6 features the use of ESRI’s ArcObjects environment to interact with the latest generation of ArcGIS software and data formats including the geodatabase. By using the ArcObjects environment, ERDAS IMAGINE and ArcGIS users have shared access to vector data sources. ERDAS IMAGINE can access vector features from data formats such as ESRI’s personal geodatabase, enterprise geodatabase and Vector Product Format (VPF), as well as from other sources such as the Geography Network, ESRI’s ArcIMS and more. ERDAS IMAGINE has extended its existing IMAGINE vector format dynamic link library (DLL) to provide users with a single interface that can access all the above sources. Examples of the IMAGINE geodatabase support capabilities include the ability to: easily display fully attributed VPF data; use geodatabase features in a spatial model; define a classification training signature using a DXF polygon; and edit and update features in a simple personal geodatabase. (Leica Geosystems, Atlanta, Ga.) (ESRI, Redlands, Calif.)