GIS tools for temporal data analysis and visualization.

ESRI, the leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, is pleased to announce that ArcGIS Tracking Analyst is now available. The new ArcGIS 8.3 extension enables users to visualize and analyze temporal data by defining events including time, location, and attribute information.

Historical Data Analysis
ArcGIS Tracking Analyst can display data types, including points, lines, polygons, and tracks, for historical data analysis. Users can record, play back, and conduct temporal analysis including data clock charting and temporal offset. Monitoring and analysis actions, such as highlight, suppress, and filter, and user-defined applications, such as Visual Basic (VB) scripts, are available, and existing temporal data can be set with future time windows (for mission planning) or past time windows (for historical data).

Create Powerful Applications
ArcGIS Tracking Analyst can be combined with other ArcGIS extensions to create powerful applications for transportation, emergency response, military, and other industries.

Key Features

  • Offers monitoring solutions and analysis capability in ArcGIS
  • Displays common data types temporally including points, lines, polygons, and tracks
  • Handles recording, playback, and temporal analysis including data clock charting and temporal offset
  • Performs monitoring and analysis actions: highlight, suppress, and filter as well as user-defined VB scripts
  • Shows aging of events for a specific event track (by color, size, shape, or time window)
  • Provides new temporal data model to support both simple and complex temporal events
  • Supports military symbology via ArcGIS Military Analyst extension

The ArcGIS Tracking Analyst extension for ArcView 8.3, ArcEditor 8.3, and ArcInfo 8.3 extends the range of functionality first released in the ArcView 3.x Tracking Analyst extension. This new ArcGIS extension is compatible with existing ArcView 3.x Tracking Analyst data sets. For more information on ArcGIS Tracking Analyst, call 1-800-447-9778 or visit the ESRI Web site at Outside the United States, please contact your local ESRI distributor; see for a current distributor list.