Trimble GeoExplorer CE Series Available with Bluetooth and Windows CE.NET

Trimbleannounced that its GeoExplorer CE seriesof GPS handheld receivers are available withBluetooth wireless technologyand theWindows CE.NET operating system. Bluetooth capability provides true wireless connectivity and easy data flow between the field and office. Mobile users can access enterprise GIS data, E-mail and Internet map services, such as ArcIMS, with a cell phone connection. Bluetooth also enables wireless connectivity to PCs, PDAs and networks to share GPS data in the field. Eliminating cables to Bluetooth-enabled peripheral devices allows for better field ergonomics and provides easy connectivity to lasers, cameras and other handheld devices. Windows CE.NET software Transcriber handwriting recognition ensures easy text entry, and WordPad gives improved word processing capabilities. In addition, Microsoft File Viewers make viewing PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and image files quick and easy. (Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif.)