GeoConcept Sales & Marketing provides new functionalities to increase productivity in distribution and the sales force.

GeoConcept SA, European leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), announced the availability of a new version of one of its lead products, GeoConcept Sales & Marketing. GeoConcept Sales & Marketing is designed to maximize the productivity of enterprise sales operations through intelligent use of geographic information to identify market needs. This solution takes geographical information such as customer catchment areas, sales outlet locations and accessibility information, and combines it with socio-behavioural data (for example, statistical data held by Consodata). The result is a 'talking' map that gives the user a complete overview of the surrounding area. This helps businesses make decisions on, for example, where or whether to set up new sales outlets, or whether to close a branch that appears superfluous. The solution can also be used to identify moribund customer catchment areas or prime locations for marketing or advertising campaigns.

The three main new features of this latest version of GeoConcept Sales & Marketing are:

  • Automatic creation of customer catchment areas that will bring enhanced productivity: GeoConcept Sales & Marketing enables the user to view catchment areas for one or more sales outlets. These areas are split into three zones (primary, secondary, tertiary), giving an even more detailed analysis of commercial potential in the area, with instant updates of relevant statistical data
  • The new version of GeoConcept Sales & Marketing is built to facilitate operational use of analysis results. Fast, accurate decision-making requires clearly presented results and easily extractable information. To achieve this, GeoConcept SA designed new user-friendly tools and layout templates with simple interfaces.
  • An improved interface brings extra user-friendliness enabling the same study to be carried out in different areas or multiple studies in one area. Redesigned thumbnail images give the user greater precision and control.

    The new version of GeoConcept Sales & Marketing benefits from enhancements to Miner for GeoConcept, GeoConcept's advanced spatial analysis tool. Miner for GeoConcept makes it possible to mix different kinds of data and analyse it using advanced 'scoring' methods. It now includes a completely redesigned interface, making it easier to read and more ergonomic and a directory structure that simplifies the task of creating and fusing analysis grids.

    The geomarketing market has reached a milestone in the last two to three years, with wider availability of data at very low cost. As spending caps have been lifted considerably, GeoConcept SA has taken around 11 per cent of the worldwide geomarketing market (Daratech 2002). With an enviable customer list and some excellent references including Chronopost International, GeoConcept SA boasts a prime position in this market, thanks to its extensive range of products which offer a global solution to geomarketing needs.

    Source: GeoConcept SA