Australian-based I-SiTE Pty Ltd released the I-SiTE 4400 Laser Imaging system. The culmination of three years of R&D at I-SiTE's headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia, the project was aided by a multi-million dollar Commonwealth Government research grant.

The I-SiTE 4400 combines features normally only found in electronic theodolites with the phenomenal speed and detail of laser scanning. The result is an instrument that can be operated by any surveyor at any site using basic techniques. Setup, backsight coordinates and instrument height are stored with the scan data, so the scan is always located in the correct coordinate system.

The scanner is set up, leveled and aligned like any other optical instrument. Enhanced capability is provided through the inclusion of a motorized survey telescope and tilt compensator within the instrument. A digital panoramic camera integrated within the instrument housing gives a texture resolution comparable to professional digital cameras.

The I-SiTE 4400 is fast, reliable and compact - at only 430 x 320 x 250 mm and weighing 14 kg including batteries, the 4400 is smaller and lighter than any other laser instrument package.

No laptop is needed with the I-SiTE 4400. Advanced instrument control and scan configuration are managed through I-SiTE's unique HHC tablet and software which provides an easy to navigate, touchscreen interface for all field tasks. Intuitive icons and devices increase efficiency and reduce the chance of errors when working in harsh environments.

The I-SiTE 4400 scanner collects data at an accuracy of 50 mm. A single scan takes only a minute, but the 4400 may also be configured to automatically sample each point a number of times to enhance accuracy for specific applications.

The 4400 Laser Imaging system is complemented by the I-SITE Studio software, which is already recognised as the premium 3D scan and modeling and analysis product in the mining, topographic and civil survey markets.

Source: I-SiTE, Dec. 9, 2003