Safe Software announced the introduction of its OGC-based interoperability product FME Spatial Data Provider (SDP) Server, Version 2004.

The FME SDP Server is an Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC) based OLE DB provider. Users of OLE DB consumer applications that implement the OGC Simple Features Specification for OLE/COM can now preview, inspect, and import over 100 data formats supported by the FME SDP Server. For more information, a free evaluation, or to see the product in action, visit

“Our customers have been looking for a way to directly connect OLE DB consumer applications such as ArcGIS and MapGuide to formats supported by our FME Technology. The OGC-based FME Spatial Data Provider Server is the solution our customers have been waiting for,” said Felipe Vera, FME SDP Server Product Manager.

The FME SDP Server includes a customized Data Link Properties dialog for point-and-click configuration, advanced spatial indexing for optimized performance, and support for both spatial and attribute queries. Organizations and GIS Professionals who use this product will save time and money by leveraging off existing data inventories.

Mark Reichardt, Executive Director of OGC’s Outreach and Adoption program, noted: “We acknowledge and appreciate the work of our members like Safe Software in adopting and implementing OpenGIS® specifications, which help to broaden the level of geospatial interoperability in the community.”

Source: Safe Software, Oct. 3, 2003