The Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS) is pleased to announce the release of the 2003 "MAPPS Non-Cash Benefits and Salary Survey". This survey provides a comprehensive overview of the major salary data and benefit programs for eight pay levels for technical positions from entry level through middle management.

The MAPPS Survey is the only one conducted by a professional organization that regularly (every three years) collects this data exclusively among U.S. photogrammetric mapping and geospatial information service firms.

The data presented in the salary survey portion of the report is a useful management tool. By comparing a firm's salary structure to the regional labor market, a firm principal can determine if his or her organization is competitive in salary and benefits for employees, and benchmark possible under - or over-payment in specific employee categories. This information can also help establish the relationship of positions, or internal equity, within an organization.

This nation wide survey gathers data about employee benefits such as paid time off; health, vision and dental coverage; life insurance; short and long term disability plans; bonus programs; savings plans and much more. The results are reported on a consolidated basis, as well as, by size of firm and geographic region. The results give employers the opportunity to compare their benefit package with those of firms of comparable size and geographic location.

One of the most exciting additions to this year's survey report is a comparison of significant data from the 2000 survey to the 2003 survey. Comparisons are included for both benefits and salary results.

Examples of the information in the benefits section or the report include: 1) the percent of companies offering individual benefits has decreased in many areas; 2) both the employer and employee are paying increased health insurance premiums; 3) larger companies tend to grant more vacation time; 4) the percent of companies that offer paid jury duty and military level is down significantly from the 2000 survey results; 5) more companies are attempting to reduce and/or stabilize their health insurance premiums by becoming partially self insured; and 6) vision coverage is offered less frequently than health, dental and life insurance coverage.

Equally important is the information presented in the salary and wage section of the report. In addition to the detailed salary information for each pay level, the report also provides data on the percentage of the reporting companies that have a formal wage/salary program, pay a shift differential, and formal severance policies. Further, statistics on employee turnover rates for 2000, 2001 and 2003 as well as information on hourly increase averages are presented.

MAPPS is a national trade association of more than 170 private sector firms in the mapping and geospatial profession. The Salary & Non-Cash Benefits Survey Report was provided free of charge to participating member firms. It is available for sale to MAPPS member firms for $250 and to nonmembers for $500.

To purchase the survey report, contact John Palatiello, Executive Director of MAPPS at For MAPPS membership information, visit the association's web site at

Source: MAPPS, Oct. 27, 2003