Companies maximize their investment in design and spatial data to gain a competitive advantage.

Autodesk Inc. announced Autodesk OnSite Desktop 7 for surveying, mapping, planning, civil engineering, and facilities/infrastructure management projects. Autodesk OnSite Desktop 7 is an easy-to-use tool that gives professionals the power to visualize in 2D and 3D, analyze, and communicate live raster and vector data in basic or complex scenarios for the planning, approval, execution, and management of projects. The application works standalone on the desktop or over the Internet and is also included in both the Autodesk Civil Series and Autodesk Map Series.

Built on Microsoft’s .NET technology, OnSite Desktop 7 helps organizations extend the value of their investment in design and spatial data. The application makes it possible for a wider range of users, including branch managers, project assistants, and data analysts, to use and re-use the data in new ways. With OnSite Desktop 7 users can explore conceptual design scenarios; share data and design intent; integrate diverse data types from multiple sources; interactively visualize varied information related to a project; and analyze map, design, or database features. “Many companies have invested heavily in spatial data and are now looking for ways to get more value from this data by getting it into the hands of the business user,” said Ernesto Diaz, senior marketing manager for Autodesk’s GIS Solutions Division. “Autodesk OnSite Desktop gives a wider range of users easy access to spatial data, which helps them in their day-to-day decision making for more efficiency and productivity. This gives an organization a competitive advantage as well as maximize the return on its investment in design and spatial data.”