Avenza Systems Inc., producers of the popular MAPublisher map creation software, is pleased to announce that The Map Division of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC has decided to collect both the winners/notable entries, and all other maps submitted for the annual MAPublisher Map Competitions.

"The Library of Congress Geography and Map Division recognizes the contribution that MAPublisher has made in the area of map design and production", commented Robert Morris of the Geography and Map Division, "and as such we have decided to actively collect MAPublisher-created maps based on the annual MAPublisher Map Competition that Avenza conducts."

“The quality of the maps submitted for the annual MAPublisher Map Competition are excellent and exemplify the highest quality in map design and creation.” said Ted Florence, president of Avenza Systems Inc. “We continue to be impressed by the high quality of the maps our users produce and we congratulate all the winners and entrants for their excellent display of cartographic skill using MAPublisher,” he added.

Details of each map including a description and downloadable images can be found on the Avenza’s website at http://www.avenza.com/MPcomp/.

Source: Avenza, Oct. 6, 2003