GeoConcept SA's GIS and internet/intranet solution offer increased user-friendliness and productivity and make it easier to work in groups.

GeoConcept SA, European leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), announces today versions of two of its lead products, that bring significant advantages to users.

The two new product versions are GeoConcept G5.5: an updated version of the GIS engine that is central to all applications developed with GeoConcept and GeoConcept Internet Server V3 (GCIS V3): the third version of GeoConcept Internet Server for enterprise networks and the Internet.

The new versions of the two products offer the following functions and improvements:

Group working

  • G5.5: Use of XML has been extended to new functionalities (particularly the layout modules), and enables a smoother, faster exchange of information such as geographical data or cartographic models.
  • GCIS V3: From a simple web navigator, the user can create and share his or her own geographical data. This means many users can work on a single project or field of study at the same time.


  • G5.5: a number of new functions mean the GIS is even more simple to use. It is now possible to easily configure menus or the Dock. GeoConcept has redesigned 150 icons and enriched them to improve menu legibility.
  • GCIS V3: Whatever settings the administrator chooses, the user can limit the screen view to the information that (s)he requires. GCIS Draw, a new cartographic tool, gives the user more opportunities to enrich the cartographic information displayed whilst maintaining superior image display. JavaScript access to many functions enables unlimited interface customisation.


  • G5.5: Searches are now powered by SQL, thereby reducing the time taken to carry out in-depth searches on a particular object. Objects used on maps can be easily listed and edited in a fully-featured table called the Hypertable, which gives a better overall image and means the user can view data quickly and easily.
  • GCIS V.3: As with G5.5, use of the standard SQL to conduct word-match queries gives fast remote access to cartographic objects. Queries can be automated when the application starts up by for example giving as distinctive colour to a user's work area as soon as they connect.

    "The latest versions of these products place our GIS in a unique position in the market. GeoConcept G5.5 and the launch of GCIS V3 enable us to adapt our products to the needs of traditional geomatics users, those managing networks, resources, and open spaces. The new versions also mean we can cater for the needs of the growing number of users working in geo-optimization such as geomarketing and geologistics. GeoConcept SA is transforming the world of GIS and positioning itself once again at the leading edge of decision-making cartography," said Eric Lanzi, President of GeoConcept SA.

    "Version G5.5 of GeoConcept's GIS has new functionalities which facilitate the use of GIS in our studies as well as saving us time and increasing productivity," said Guillaume De Grave, Director of Studies and Geomarketing at JCDecaux Avenir. "G5.5 offers many new features that save us time on a daily basis. For example, we can fill in fields on a spreadsheet without having to open files, integrate new functions into the customisable toolbar, and increase data export capabilities."

    With increasingly diverse applications and a growing number of users, GeoConcept SA is committed to:

    • Facilitating group work functionality, which is particularly important for organisations where decision-making is increasingly decentralised
    • Increasing productivity and profitability
    • Providing the most user-friendly solutions

    Source: GeoConcept SA, Oct. 29, 2003