HP Released the HP Designjet 815 mfp printer and the HP Designjet Scanner 4200

HPreleased the HP Designjet 815 mfp printerand theHP Designjet Scanner 4200, two new HP Designjet multifunction printing systems. The HP Designjet 815 mfp printer is a complete, self-contained solution that handles large-format printing, scanning and copying tasks. For those who already own an HP Designjet printer or want faster or more versatile printing performance, the HP Designjet Scanner 4200 can integrate seamlessly with that printer to create a complete mfp solution. The HP Designjet Scanner 4200 extends the functionality beyond printing to include copying and scanning. Scanner 4200 features a new touch-screen display with CD writer and keyboard that make it easy to scan, print and copy from one machine. Sharp line and color consistency have been enhanced and the solutions come fully network ready. In addition, the closed-loop calibration system delivers consistent color reproduction. (HP, Palo Alto, Calif.)