Automated Indexing for Land Records Available from UCLID

UCLID Software announced that it has developed customizable automated indexing software that processes unstructured documents such as legal descriptions, mortgage documents and other land records. The software is ideal for County Recorder and Register of Deeds offices and relies on the OCR technology that UCLID fine-tuned for its ArcGIS software extensions. Typical indexing software programs work only with structured documents such as forms. Because of the rules and filters UCLID has developed, its software is unique in that it can process unstructured documents with accuracy. Visit booth #1732 at the ESRI User Conference for a demonstration of the software.

Document indexing is a time consuming process that relies on bulk manual entry. When a county experiences a dramatic increase in the number of documents that are recorded, the staff can easily become overwhelmed. The result is a backlog of work and constant pressure to catch up. However, few counties can afford to add staff or squeeze more people into cramped offices. The county is faced with a dilemma – process more documents at a faster rate while maintaining accuracy.

Automated indexing software increases productivity by decreasing manual data entry. “When an organization reduces keystrokes they save money,” said Joe Hanousek, UCLID VP Sales and Marketing. “With our software, an organization will eliminate millions of keystrokes a year. This translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.” To learn more about UCLID’s Automated Indexing software, contact Joe Hanousek toll-free (877) 778-2543 or

The software runs in the background, so it is virtually invisible and does not disrupt workflow. As a result, users are not faced with a learning curve. UCLID has been developing OCR technology solutions for the land records industry since 1998. UCLID develops and distributes data entry and mapping products to GIS professionals, surveyors, civil engineers and title insurance professionals. UCLID is an Authorized Business Partner and Authorized Developer for ESRI. For more information, visit the UCLID website at