Participation in Oracle Database 10g Beta Program enables accelerated time to market for Laser-Scan product.

Laser-Scan, a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, is demonstrating its support of Oracle Database 10g at this week's OracleWorld Paris event. Laser-Scan has been taking part in the Oracle Database 10g Beta Partner Program and is working to build solutions on Oracle's next-generation database technology.

Laser-Scan's Managing Director Dr Michael Sanderson said: "Laser-Scan's participation in the Oracle Database 10g Beta Program has enabled us to address the needs of our customers in the field of topology management. Our developments will enable users to take advantage of the topology storage feature in Oracle Database 10g. This will open up new opportunities within the wider IT market as well as in the realm of spatial solutions."

Laser-Scan's Radius Topology is a dynamic topology management layer that was delivered on the Oracle9i platform. This means that Radius Topology acts as a "gatekeeper", only allowing clean, accurate data into the database. Inconsistent data is automatically corrected, within the bounds of user-defined rules.

Laser-Scan was invited to take part in the Oracle Database 10g Beta Program from the design stage. The current testing has led to the design of Radius Topology for Oracle Database 10g. This gatekeeper will create and maintain data within the Oracle10g topology storage model. This design will be tested shortly in Oracle's New England Development Center and will form the basis of a prototype solution, which will be shown at OracleWorld in Paris.

"Spatial customers typically upgrade their Oracle databases soon after the latest Oracle release in order to take advantage of the enriched feature sets.", said Paul Watson, Laser-Scan's Chief Technical Architect, "Coupled with this, the opportunity to deploy grid computing in terabyte-sized databases means that Radius Topology for Oracle Database 10g is something we are keen to deliver."

Oracle Database 10g is the first database designed for emerging enterprise grid computing, a cost- effective and flexible way to manage enterprise information. 50% reduction in management costs and up to a ten times performance boost have been reported.

The Oracle Database 10g Partner Beta Program was designed to give Oracle customers and partners an early look at some of the new key systems management and grid related features of Oracle Database 10g. The beta program gives partners a head start on developing solutions that reap the benefits of the technological advancements such as manageability, improved margins and lowered administration costs.

Oracle Database 10g's unbreakable reliability and security is available on low cost industry standard server clusters. Oracle Database 10g is designed with particular emphasis on efficient management and ease-of-use. It has a fast install and near-zero database management overhead that improves margins and lowers the cost of delivering solutions to customers. Oracle provides independent software vendors, system integrators and hardware and infrastructure vendors with the necessary tools to enable a phased adoption of Oracle Database and Application Server 10g for grid computing.

Source: Laser-Scan, Oct. 20, 2003