UCLID Software released a schedule of parcel mapping webinars to demonstrate the latest release of IcoMap for ArcGIS. Attendees will learn how to save time when working on parcel mapping projects in ESRI ArcGIS. Anyone who creates parcel geometry in ArcGIS or plans to in the future is encouraged to attend. The live 20-minute sessions are free of charge. Online registration is available at http://webinar.uclid.com.

A UCLID representative will conduct the online seminars which cover parcel mapping functions found in IcoMap for ArcGIS v2.5. Attendees will learn how to create a parcel layer using both UCLID's patented scan conversion technology and the ten-key COGO tools. New features in v2.5, including linework labeling, will be highlighted. Swipe It! for ArcGIS - UCLID's new data-entry software, will also be demonstrated. The webinars will be especially helpful to organizations that work with scanned documents or property legal descriptions in ASCII text format. A question and answer session will follow each webinar.

Source: UCLID Software, Oct. 28, 2003