Membership on influential technical committee ensures LizardTech will play a lead role in developing interoperability standards for raster imaging.

LizardTech Inc.- a leading developer of digital imaging software and viewing tools - has been named to the Technical Committee of Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC), a company-government-university coalition engaged in developing common interfaces and protocols for the burgeoning geo-information processing industry.

"The OGC is committed to creating interoperability among complex and competing geo-information processing systems," explained Mark Reichardt, Executive Director of OGC's Outreach & Community Adoption Program. "Right now, incompatible standards make file and service sharing between user communities extremely complex and time consuming."

"We are delighted to have LizardTech as a member of OGC, and we're confident they will play a substantial role in advancing interoperability standards within our Consortium consensus processes," added Mark Reichardt.

LizardTech's geospatial solutions leverage the widespread industry acceptance of MrSID(r) technology, a revolutionary file format that reduces giant imagery up to 95 percent of its original size, while preserving image clarity. The result: Content is infinitely more accessible (and valuable) to users, regardless of their network speed, desktops, or field devices. MrSID's unique ability to mosaick multiple geo images, its quick image conversion, and lossless encoding ratios also lead to significant time savings. MrSID is endorsed for accuracy by the US Geological Survey and the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, and is compatible with all major GIS software.

Explains LizardTech vice president Karen Morley, "Interoperability is the core principle at work behind all of our geo imaging software. Our users who depend on these tools for mission-critical work can be assured that their technology investment will include the implementation of OpenGIS(r) specifications, which will serve them well in the future - because the developer played a role in creating interoperability standards."

Morley adds, "LizardTech geo imaging software is installed on millions of desktops worldwide and we recognize that our customers come from vastly different backgrounds. By joining the OGC on the technical committee level, we're able to contribute to and review ongoing specifications, laying the foundation for our next generation of raster imaging users. All of us at LizardTech are proud to be a member of OGC, and endorse its mission of promoting true interoperability standards. We have already partnered with some OGC members, and look forward to significant collaborative opportunities."