Prosurv cEZ Surveying Data Collection software by Prosurv LLC is now available for Pocket PC¿s, and runs on hardware with Microsoft¿s Pocket PC 2002 or Pocket PC 2003 operating systems, such as the Compaq iPAQ 3800, 3900 Series or the HP 2210 or 2215 iPAQ. Perhaps for the first time ever, a complete, powerful Data Collection solution is in the reach of every land surveyor, crew chief, instrument operator, and rod person.

Prosurv cEZ was designed from the ground up to be EZ to learn, EZ to use, and inexpensive to own. With Prosurv cEZ, there are no Menus to learn, just tap on the EZ-to-recognize icons for the tasks you need.

While Prosurv cEZ is inexpensive, it is anything but light on functionality. Prosurv cEZ offers many routines and capabilities normally found only in high-end data collection software. Examples include Feature Code and Attribute support, Import/Export points, Real-time point plotting, extensive ProGo routines, Baselines for using Horizontal & Vertical Geometry, and Automated Cross Sectioning. Prosurv cEZ includes the same Plotting and screen-tap functions as found in Prosurv CE.

The all-new command-line functions can be used to compute points while in the Plotting screen, letting you see the new points as they¿re created. The command-line also let¿s you quickly Inverse between 2 points, or view the Station/Offset of a point.

Prosurv cEZ supports Bluetooth technology, for wireless communication with most any Total Station, when using a Bluetooth capable Pocket PC. Prosurv cEZ supports 15,000 points per job, and has the ability to create 2,000 SETS of points (pre-defined point lists) per job. Prosurv cEZ supports most major Total Stations, and has 8 extensive data collection routines, including Stake to Line and Stake to Curve.

Point storage time when shooting is less than a second, and Prosurv cEZ boasts robust data storage that commits points to the database as soon as the shot is completed. This means that data is not lost, even if a soft-reset is performed while a Prosurv cEZ job is open.

With Prosurv cEZ and the readily available Pocket PC, it is now possible to purchase data collection hardware at your neighborhood electronics store, download a data collection software package, and be ready-to-go in the field the next morning. And all for around $500. Not since the advent of the HP calculator has there been a data collection solution that¿s as inexpensive and EZ to use.

Prosurv cEZ software retails for just $149.00. Pricing for the Prosurv PC Version, and Prosurv CE Version for HPC¿s such as the Allegro CE or Sidearm has been reduced to just $495.00 for Basic, $995.00 for Pro, or $1495.00 for Pro/Robotic.