Solid Terrain Modeling (STM) will exhibit several of it's spectacular, full-color,3D models at the ESRI User Conference, July 7 - 9, in the STM booth (# 722 / 724) at the San Diego Convention Center. These include full-color models of the Grand Tetons, Crater Lake, San Francisco in 1915, the Pacific Palisades before and after a major landslide, Virunga, the Amazon, the Mammoth ski area, a golf course and Hurricane Floyd. A recently completed 384-square-foot (16-foot by 24-foot) model of Camp Pendleton, California will be featured in the ESRI Map Gallery.

Camp Pendleton is the world's largest physical terrain model ever created from digital data. It consists of twelve 4-foot x 8-foot polyurethane panels tiled together to re-create the entire Camp Pendleton region. The model is used by for tactical training sessions at Camp Pendleton's I MEF training site. Computer systems and lasers are used by the Marines to demonstrate various military scenarios as they would play out on the Camp Pendleton terrain.

Pete Powers of InterVision (an STM VAR) will be in the STM booth to demonstrate how easy it is to use lasers, multimedia and other special effects to temporarily add new map content, various scenarios and other information onto an STM model. His presentation will feature the STM Grand Teton model. Powers will use laser illustrations, multiple slide presentations, a narrative, music and natural sounds to tell the story of the park – from its origin and growth to the current migration of animals within the park.