Laser-Scan's Management Team is delighted to announce that its bid to take over Laser-Scan has been successful.

As of 24th July the ownership of the company passed to the team led by Dr Michael Sanderson, Laser-Scan's Managing Director.

Dr Sanderson says, "This is absolutely fantastic news for us and for our customers and partners. It's a new start for Laser-Scan; over the past year our new approach to deploying our proven technology has been extremely well received and we're looking forward to building on that success. During the recent period we have been inundated with messages of support from customers and partners alike; now we can really start to put some of our plans in motion and show them that their confidence is well placed."

Laser-Scan has been developing geospatial solutions for more than three decades. During this time the company has provided solutions for a loyal customer base in defence, mapping and charting; Laser-Scan has worked closely with organisations such as Ordnance Survey Great Britain, RAF (No 1 AIDU) and United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. Dr Sanderson took the position of Managing Director of Laser-Scan in April 2001.

Since Dr. Sanderson arrived at Laser-Scan he has shifted the company's focus from developing proprietary solutions to embracing mainstream technology such as Oracle. The Radius programme of products is the realisation of this vision; the smart components of Laser-Scan's existing technology are being made available in an open, interoperable, server-side environment. Radius Topology is the first product in the programme and was launched in June 2002.

In addition, Laser-Scan's existing customer base is an essential part of the company's future strategy; its core technoloogy is critical to the operational success of a number of customers. Laser-Scan is fully committed to working together with customers to enhance their existing solutions with its traditional technology.

The combination of the commercial strategy and the fact that the future of the business is in the hands of the management means Laser-Scan is in an exciting position to drive the business forward.