PCI Geomatics is pleased to announce that the company's new "all-in-one" geomatics software solution, Geomatica 9, includes support for Supresoft's IMAGIS 3D GIS Visualization software. PCI Geomatics product support for Supresoft comes less than one year after both companies signed joint promotion and distribution agreements.

"A successful year and the broadening of both companies into new markets has greatly encouraged the growing friendship between Supresoft and PCI Geomatics," states Dr. Zhiyong Xu, Vice-President of Marketing and Sales, Supresoft Inc. "This is the first of many cooperative efforts that will bring additional productivity benefits to geomatics customers around the world."

Supresoft's IMAGIS 3D GIS visualization software is an advanced visualized geographic information system (GIS) that complements PCI Geomatics' Geomatica 9 technology in many ways, particularly as an advanced graphical presentation tool that cooperates with PCI Geomatics' GIS and DEM extraction features. The IMAGIS product, which offers a unique 3D visualization technology for enhanced photogrammetric output, is the only 3D GIS product available with fast reconstruction of real 3D environments and automatic texture extraction. Other notable advantages include GIS 3D visualization, environment modeling, real-time roaming over large images, landscape reconstruction, and 3D entity data definition, analysis and management.

Supresoft technology adds greater visual flexibility to Geomatica 9's, a complete processing solution for remote sensing, GIS, photogrammetry, and cartography. "Supporting Supresoft technology enhances Geomatica 9's appeal to customers who want to utilize a variety of methods when illustrating their spatial data output," states Arnold Hougham, Vice-President of PCI Geomatics Sales and Product Marketing. "By working together, PCI Geomatics and Supresoft can better emphasize the visualization advantages within our leading geospatial products and deliver greater production value to our clients."

PCI Geomatics and Supresoft established a promotion and distribution agreement in 2002 for equal two-way distribution of their popular geospatial technology products. This allowed greater international market coverage for both companies, while presenting customers with new and highly compatible solutions for both analysis and visualization.

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