Standards-based technology enables easier access to critical data enterprisewide.

Intergraph Mapping and GeoSpatial Solutions, conference sponsor, is showcasing open interoperable solutions that enable more accessible data to traditional and non-traditional map users at the international Cambridge Conference, July 21 - 25 in Cambridge, U.K. In the Intergraph booth (number 12), mapping organization leaders and experts from around the world can view interoperability interfaces that provide dynamic access to critical data enterprisewide as well as the latest advances in geospatial, Web mapping and imaging technology. Visionary, Preetha Pulusani, president of Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions, will explore the growing demand for real-time access to critical information in her conference presentation, "Meeting Global Human Needs with the Geospatial Enterprise," on Monday, July 21.

"The industry demands reliable, accurate, accessible and standardized data at its fingertips - whether it is for critical decision making or day-to-day management," said Preetha Pulusani, president, Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions. "Intergraph is committed to making the investment in standards to enable our customers to make better decisions, enjoy more choices, increase productivity and take advantage of easier, less expensive data sharing."

Industry-proven solutions on display Attendees will experience Intergraph's latest geospatial solutions that address workflows specific to mapping and geospatial professionals through these key technical demonstrations:

  • GML Data Server - Geographic Markup Language (GML) works to provide standardization to GIS and mapping users. With the GML Data Server, open standards-based architecture enables GeoMedia technology to read, render and analyze GML data - allowing greater access and use of mapping data. Professionals using any GeoMedia technology can take advantage of the GML Data Server's benefits.
  • GeoMedia WebMap - Based on open standards, GeoMedia WebMap enables mapping professionals to have Web access to an organization's data when it is needed. GeoMedia WebMap links in real time to one or more geographic information system (GIS) warehouses to publish up-to-date information to users. GeoMedia WebMap puts GIS information on an intranet or the Internet, where users can access vector-based smartmaps that contain hyperlinks. GeoMedia WebMap is packaged with an adapter kit that makes it easy to create an interoperable Web Map Server (WMS).
  • GeoMedia Professional - Flexible, scalable and open, GeoMedia Professional connects to industry-standard relational databases, such as Oracle Spatial, enabling organizations to keep data updated and analyze relationships and provide precise, finished maps throughout the enterprise.