A Jacksonville homebuilder says cutting-edge technology is helping him – and his customers, vendors, suppliers, sub-contractors, surveyors and other business associates – save time and money as they go through the homebuilding process.

“As a local builder, we are constantly striving to increase productivity and efficiency and to operate as paperless as possible,” said Ashley Collins, Collins Builders CEO. “We have been able to accomplish that through Appwright JobCenter for Building and Construction, (JobCenter-Build), an online web-based work management program that drives our operation.”

Collins Builders uses a program developed by AppWright Inc., a Jacksonville, Florida firm founded by David Beach. The firm was specifically designed to create web-based business productivity tools. Job Center-Build is a hosted application service with complete scheduling and collaboration features. The system can be accessed anywhere web access is available, making it possible for users to accelerate communications and share one real-time schedule.

Since everyone shares one schedule, JobCenter-Build can help cut the cost of communication mistakes, dry runs, project delays, incorrect build specs and other headaches related to production scheduling and job management. It also offers Nextel and email notifications.

For more information on AppWright JobCenter - Build, visit www.JobCenter-Build.com. While Appwright JobCenter-Build is designed for technical and non-technical users alike, Collins says the program’s success results when everyone shares the willingness and ability to use new applications of technology. He says the professional surveyors at Clary & Associates Inc. have gone above and beyond to meet the challenge.

“They are the best surveyors in town,” Collins said. “They do all of our surveying work because they are so far advanced and above the curve when it comes to technology and communications.”

Clary & Associates provides Collins Builders with a variety of services, including plot plans, form board certifications, subdivision lot analysis and final lot and house surveys. In turn, Collins Builders uses Clary & Associates’ Client Access Program, a project management program that enables Clary clients to review and print project information, maps and other documents 24 hours a day via the world wide web. The end result is that Collins Builders and Clary & Associates conduct 99 percent of their day-to-day business via the web.

“Our business efficiency is dramatically accelerated by using web-based programs such as Appwright.” Collins said. “Just the simple fact that we do not have to have fax or phone wars between the two of us to get something done is wonderful. If we need a plot plan, we post a message to Clary & Associates and they attach the plot plan to our job in Appwright. A phone call or fax is never needed.”

For more information about Collins Builders, visit www.collinsbuilders.net. Clary & Associates Inc. is the industry leader for professional surveying and mapping services throughout Florida and the Southeast. The company provides Subdivision Surveying & Platting, GPS Surveys, Transportation Design & Right of Way Surveys, Topographical Surveys, Condominium Surveys, Subsurface Utility Designation and Vacuum Excavation, and Geographic Information System (GIS) Services.

Clary & Associates specializes in large, multi-phase subdivisions and commercial real estate surveying, including condominiums, apartment complexes, lodging facilities, shopping centers, malls, business parks, and industrial sites. Clary & Associates also has extensive experience providing transportation surveys to meet FDOT and associated governmental standards and requirements.

As Clary & Associates celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2003, Founder Greg Clary attributes the firm’s continued growth and success to its high standard of excellence. The firm serves a wide spectrum of first-class clients, including the most prestigious businesses and governmental organizations in the country.