Laser-Scan has launched its new automated generalisation product Clarity.

Clarity is a new cartographic and data generalisation product designed to help customers to develop new digital products from existing data. Clarity will be of interest to organisations, which spend a lot of time, effort and money capturing or purchasing data at smaller scales. National Mapping Organisations are obvious candidates, while the technology could also prove effective for utility companies, government departments or telecom companies to name a few.

Created in consultation with mapping agencies across Europe as part of the MAGNET (Mapping Agencies Generalisation NETwork) project, Clarity delivers the functionality and flexibility to build generalisation flowlines that match geospatial data requirements. Clarity is interoperable across many different systems - no matter which system is used to store data users can take advantage of this advanced functionality.

MAGNET Project Manager Richard Heap says:

"We're extremely proud of Clarity, we've already had some very positive feedback following the launch at the Laser-Scan User & Partner Conference. Automated generalisation has been somewhat of a Holy Grail for mapping organisations; Clarity is the first step to achieving this. We're looking forward to working with the MAGNET members to further develop Clarity's functionality in line with their requirements."

Members of the MAGNET project include: Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen (KMS), Denmark; Nationaal Geografisch Instituut (NGI), Belgium and Ordnance Survey Great Britain.

Laser-Scan is running a FREE web forum for anyone interested in Clarity and automated generalisation.

Date: Wednesday 13th August
Time: 10.00 BST (GMT+1)

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