Safe Software Inc. Released FME Suite 2003 X2

Safe Software Inc.releasedFME Suite 2003 X2. FME Suite 2003 X2 is a Spatial ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool that allows organizations to translate, transform, share and enhance their data among more than 100 GIS, CAD and database formats. Key new enhancements in FME 2003 X2 include powerful additions to the Workbench graphical transformation editor for handling large data models and data volumes, expanded format support and batch deploy capabilities. Format support has been expanded to include MicroStation Design File Version 8 reading, GeoMedia SQL Server Warehouse reading/writing, PostGIS/PostgreSQL reading/writing, ArcGIS Binary Grid reading, ESRI ASCII Grid reading/ writing and CDED DEM writing. (Safe Software, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)