PlanGraphics Inc., teaming with ESRI and Landata Airborne Systems, has been awarded two open-ended contracts with the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California’s Engineering and Information Technologies Divisions providing engineering, data integration and implementation services.

PlanGraphics will assist MWD’s Engineering and Information Technologies Divisions, as needed, with mapping services and consulting services. MWD plans to utilize GIS and IT for capital improvement project planning and analysis, as well as to streamline their data architectures, to identify system integration and data optimization procedures, and to enhance their internal systems and applications and improve their use and distribution of spatial data sets. All of these activities will aid their future project efforts, including development of their current reports on water supplies, water storage and distribution, and their seawater desalination program. The contracts permit billing for professional time and material at negotiated rates.

Laszlo Mariahazy, practice manager for PlanGraphics' Western Region noted: "The contracts provide an excellent entree into one of the country's largest and most technically advanced water utilities. Given PlanGraphics’ track record of long-term successful relationships with clients, we believe these initial assignments will be precursors to a steady and substantive working relationship with MWD."