Credited to processing services and software development.

DigitalGlobe has recognized ImageLinks as the top reseller of DigitalGlobe’s high-resolution QuickBird image data in the United States. ImageLinks received the announcement last month at a reception during the ESRI Users Conference in San Diego.

“ImageLinks’ success as an imagery reseller results from its unique position in the industry as both a software developer and an image processing services company,” said Jeff Kerridge, DigitalGlobe Vice President of Sales. “ImageLinks has been able to distribute a large amount of QuickBird imagery since they have had the capability of offering quality value-added products with our data for many months now.”

Last year, ImageLinks signed two agreements with DigitalGlobe giving ImageLinks’ clients unparalleled access to QuickBird’s pan and multispectral data. The first agreement made ImageLinks a value-added reseller of the data, and the second deal licensed ImageLinks to integrate the QuickBird sensor model into its RasterWare Appliance software products.

“By receiving the necessary sensor parameters from DigitalGlobe, we were able to build both RPC (rational polynomial co-efficient) and rigorous QuickBird sensor models into our software, which allows us to generate highly accurate orthorectified products,” said Scott Bennett, ImageLinks Director of Business Development. “Our clients have been very impressed with the quality of the QuickBird data and our processing capabilities.”

ImageLinks has built sensor specific models for all the major commercial imaging satellites, and besides using it in their own production processing environment, the software can be licensed and implemented into any ImageLinks software solution.

ImageLinks delivers source data and image products to a wide variety of markets including state, local and federal government agencies, non-renewable and renewable natural resource industries, environmental, engineering and archaeological firms, and to their largest single market, the visual simulation (VisSim) industry. VisSim includes gaming, broadcast and commercial aircraft as well as military training simulations.

For the VisSim industry, ImageLinks creates its TrueTerrain products by merging and mosaicking multi-source satellite and aerial imagery of different resolutions to achieve the illusion of descending in an aircraft and seeing increasingly sharper ground detail. Accurate elevation data is utilized in all processing and is integrated to provide realistic terrain databases. QuickBird imagery often serves as the highest resolution imagery within the TrueTerrain product data set.