Powerful and versatile GPS receiver with advanced communications control designed for use with Trimble’s scalable infrastructure solutions.

Trimble introduced the NetRS reference station GPS receiver. Marking the ten-year anniversary of RTK GPS for surveying applications, the NetRS is latest in a long line of innovative GPS reference station and infrastructure solutions from Trimble. The NetRS features Trimble’s new R-track technology, which includes the capability of tracking the new Civil Signal (L2C), scheduled to be available on certain GPS satellites in 2004. It is designed for use with Trimble’s scalable infrastructure solutions and as a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) for geodetic, survey, high accuracy GIS and monitoring applications.

The announcement was made today at Intergeo 2003, the largest European conference on geodesy, geoinformatics and land management.

The NetRS GPS receiver is a powerful dependable receiver designed for a range of high precision and monitoring applications. The receiver offers ease of use, low power consumption, R-track technology for L2C signal tracking, Ethernet connectivity, advanced data management capability, and a rugged design all of which makes it an extremely flexible product, ideal for Trimble’s portfolio of scalable infrastructure solutions.

“Because of its versatility, varied communications control options, low power consumption and reliability, the NetRS is the ideal receiver for a range of fixed reference station and infrastructure applications,” explains Nancy Nelson, division vice president of Infrastructure for Trimble’s Geomatics and Engineering Business. “By integrating dual frequency GPS technology into a Linux processing and communications framework, Trimble has provided a product that can operate as a standalone receiver or can be integrated into scalable networks, this flexibility allows customers to start small and grow.”

With Internet Protocol as the primary communications mechanism, the NetRS GPS receiver can be accessed and fully controlled remotely using simple Internet browsers or Trimble infrastructure software. The NetRS uses the Linux framework, which allows for extension and customization that is simply not possible with proprietary operating systems. Network management features of the NetRS include the ability to store one receiver’s data configuration to a file and restore it to the same receiver at a later date or clone the information to other receivers within a network. Additionally low power consumption allows for autonomous operation from a variety of site power schemes.

Multiple levels of security are possible, guarding against unwarranted access to the receiver’s configuration and files. The system can function as a completely open system allowing complete access, but can also be programmed as a fully secure system requiring encrypted access.

The NetRS GPS receiver uses the Trimble Zephyr Geodetic antenna, featuring Trimble’s patented 4-point antenna feed technology and patented Trimble Stealth Ground Plane technology. This revolutionary design mitigates multipath signals using technology similar to that used by Stealth aircraft to hide from radar, making it ideal for high precision infrastructure and monitoring applications.

The NetRS GPS receiver is expected to be available in October 2003 through Trimble’s Geomatics and Engineering dealer network.

Source: Trimble, Sept. 17, 2003