UCLID Announces Free Trial For SwipeIt! 09.11.2003

UCLID Software announced today that it has developed a new, more convenient way for GIS professionals to try Swipe It! for ArcGIS. Swipe It! is an ArcMap extension for entering and editing attributes. Users are invited to send sample scanned documents to SwipeIt@uclid.com. UCLID's analysts will run the Swipe It! trial to determine the amount of time saved on attribute editing. Swipe It! for ArcGIS works with engineering files, utility drawings, property legal descriptions - any document with GIS data.

This process was developed for GIS users who are too busy to evaluate new software. "Some people simply don't have the time to install and try out free software," explains Joe Hansousek, UCLID VP Sales and Marketing. "But it only takes a few seconds to send a quick email of a scanned image. Then our analysts do the work of evaluating the software on their documents." The analysts then report back, letting the sender know how effectively Swipe It! works with the scan. The average Swipe It! user is working twice as fast - completing attribute data entry in half the time.

"Our users love Swipe It! because they can enter data so much faster than typing," said Hanousek. "It is very versatile, our customers use it with utility drawings, deeds and forestry plans." Swipe It! for ArcGIS was released earlier this year. The latest release v2.5 is now available for $500.

Source: UCLID Software LLC, Sept. 8, 2003