Controller software solutions for NavCom products now available in over twelve languages.

U.S.-based NavCom Technology, Inc., a leader in precise positioning and communications technology, announced at the INTERGEO conference that Allsat GmbH network+services (ALLSAT) has successfully completed the integration of NavCom’s high-performance, high-accuracy RTK receivers with its GART-2000 software.

“NavCom is delighted to add the GART-2000 software to the controller options currently available to our RTK customers,” said NCT Product Manager Kevin Dixon. “We believe that our international clients will benefit immensely from the multiple Datum support that GART-2000 offers, as well as from the ability to use our equipment with a controller that uses their native languages.”

“ALLSAT is very proud that NavCom Technology has chosen GART-2000 to be used as the international ‘face’ of their new and promising GNSS receiver family,” said Juergen Rueffer, General Manager of ALLSAT GmbH and Allsat GmbH network+services. “We believe that we can achieve a long term cooperation in offering GART-2000 to the growing number of NavCom’s customers.” GART-2000 is innovative software for the recording, processing and visual representation of positioning and GIS data. It works in Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP environments on a robust field computer or in its Windows CE version on a lightweight Pocket PC optimized for mobile data recording. GART-2000 provides a clear graphical display during fieldwork of the recorded positioning and GIS data. Its primary applications are in engineering and cadastral surveying, pipeline documentation, and road construction/machine control.

Currently GART-2000 offers the customer the choice of more than 50 Datums and Projections including North America and 12+ different languages.

Source: NavCom Technology Inc., Sept. 17, 2003