Intuicom will integrate proprietary high-bandwidth wireless data transmission technology with Leica high-precision GPS network technology.

Leica Geosystems and Intuicom have formed a strategic relationship for integrating Intuicom’s proprietary high-bandwidth wireless data transmission technology with Leica Geosystems’ advanced high-precision GPS network technology.

Intuicom, a world leader in wireless data networks, has developed a family of robust wireless transceivers utilizing frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technology to provide long-range bi-directional data communication at up to 115 bps. The Intuicom transceivers include built-in functionality for error correction, remote network monitoring, diagnostics and a proprietary bandwidth optimization protocol.

“Intuicom’s spread-spectrum technology is an ideal solution for providing RTK corrections for high-precision GPS users over baselines of 25 miles or more with relatively low transmit power,” said James Stowell, director, reference station systems, for Leica Geosystems, Inc. “It provides long-range connectivity in areas where land-lines and cellular coverage are unavailable, or where communication security is an issue.”

Under the agreement, Leica Geosystems will offer the Intuicom products to its customers through its dealer distribution network worldwide. Likewise, Intuicom will be able to offer Leica Geosystems’ high-precision GPS products to its customers in certain markets.

“The Intuicom data transmission technology will be integrated into our full range of GPS reference stations and networks, as well as other TPS, GPS and 3D machine control solutions,” said Stowell. “The Intuicom solution is especially applicable for our CORS and automated GPS monitoring systems.”

Stowell noted that Intuicom and Leica Geosystems have worked closely together to build an integrated system for automatic deformation and stress-load monitoring for the Skyway Bridge in Florida.