By June 2003 almost the total number of bookings from last year has been achieved for the September conference.

INTERGEO chooses Hamburg as its venue for 2003. Three months before the start of the largest conference and trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management worldwide, exhibitors are showing an extremely high interest in the event. By June 2003 almost the total number of bookings from last year have already been achieved. Eight subject related associations, who are aware of the importance of the INTERGEO, are using the synergetic effects of the event. The conference, with a revised concept and the focus themes of e-government and mobile GIS, is proving to be a special attraction.

The economy is hoping for a fresh breeze – globally as much as nationally. The sails of the GI industry billow in the wind. INTERGEO, the largest conference and trade fair worldwide, is considered to be a barometer of the industry and all signs are for fine weather. “Although this year’s location in the far north of Germany is not very central geographically, we are already now, in mid June, selling the last remaining exhibition stands. The high interest in INTERGEO, both domestic and international, does not fade away.” The INTERGEO organisers, HINTE Messe and the German Association of Surveying - Association of geodesy, geoinformation and land management (Deutscher Verein f¿r Vermessungswesen (DVW) – Gesellschaft f¿r Geod¿e, Geoinformation und Landmanagement – e. V), are looking forward to the event.

Hamburg earns it’s title “gateway to the World”: in 2002 the share of foreign exhibitors from Europe and beyond was 18 percent, now - only three months before the doors open for the INTERGEO 2003 - it is already an amazing 17 percent. “All the market leaders from geodesy, geoinformation, photogrammetry and cartography are on board. The involvement from the business and user community is not restricted to the trade fair, but reaches into the conference through talks and application-oriented reports”, the DVW President Hagen Graeff is pleased to report. The conference with its new structural and conceptual orientation confirms its leading role. The new focus themes of e-government and mobile GIS are of particular interest. In addition talks about the “use of geodata” with special reference to economical and political applications, “Internet/telecommunication” and “Northern Germany/Hamburg” with specific and up-to-date presentations relevant to the region such as hydrography, flood defences or the deepening of shipping channels are part of the program.

Last but not least talks about satellite technology, transport and logistics, land management or the “Forum for the Surveying of the Earth” go back to the scientific roots of geodesy. The “International Symposium for geodata infrastructure”, which is dealing with urgent questions about the standardisation and networking of geodata, will be of special importance. With this symposium, the DVW together with the recently founded CeGI, the Center for Geoinformation in Dortmund, Germany, offer a new platform for the exchange of information. Keeping in mind the importance of this subject this should attract a lot of interest.

Focus on up-to-date subjects As the leading event for the industry sectors of geodesy, geoinformation and land management, the INTERGEO offers its expert visitors to Hamburg information about innovative technologies and products as well as the opportunity for a comprehensive dialogue. Through the growing number of potential applications of GIS technologies in a wide variety of sectors, e-government, mobile GIS, Open GIS, GIS in Local Authorities as well as the capture and management of base geodata are at the forefront. Solutions not only for the requirements and type of problem typical of local authorities and public administration, but also for the utilities, telecommunication, real estate and commerce are on offer, especially in the IT sector.

With these major themes in mind the visitor can optimise his time at the show by visiting information about the conference has been available since June, while help with planning the visit of the trade fair will be available from August. This site provides an efficient tool for helping the visitor to find his way through vast range of subjects. It offers the opportunity of putting together an individually tailored overview of what’s on offer at the trade fair and the conference.

INTERGEO integrates associations Eight associations reflect the position of the INTERGEO as the central communication platform for various sectors. In addition to the organiser, the DVW, the following associations are represented:

  • Association of German Surveying Engineers (Verband Deutscher Vermessungsingenieure e. V. - VDV)
  • German Association of Public Appointed Surveyors (Bund der ¿fentlich bestellten Vermessungsingenieure e. V. - BDVI)
  • German Umbrella Organization for Geoinformation (Deutscher Dachverband f¿r Geoinformationen e. V. - DDGI)
  • German Association of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation (Deutsche Gesellschaft f¿r Photogrammetrie, Fernerkundung und Geoinformation e. V. - DGPF)
  • German Association of Cartography (Deutsche Gesellschaft f¿r Kartographie e. V. - DGfK)
  • Association of German Railway Engineers (Verband Deutscher Eisenbahn-Ingenieure e. V. - VDEI)
  • The German Hydrographic Society (Deutsche Hydrographische Gesellschaft e.V. - DHYG)
  • International Federation for Surveyors (F¿ration Internationale des G¿ètres - FIG)

The associations hold their Annual General Meetings during the event and thereby benefit from the international character of the INTERGEO.

Optimal market penetration Every year the INTERGEO takes place at a different venue within Germany, which is known for its international trade fairs. “We take the INTERGEO to the customer”, says Olaf Freier. “By constantly changing location we are achieving almost 100% of market coverage nationally and enable all expert visitors to come to the INTERGEO.” Every year the leading trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management welcomes about 30% of first-time visitors to the show. “Every year the change of venue leads to new visitor potentials”, says Dr. Hartmut Rosengarten, Sales Manager of Z/I Imaging and Chairman of the Exhibitors Advisory Council. “The INTERGEO has a very high market penetration”, Rosengarten confirms. With the venues for INTERGEO in the coming years being Stuttgart in 2004, D¿sseldorf in 2005 and Munich in 2006 this concept continues and the far-reaching importance of the INTERGEO as the leading trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management in Europe and beyond is emphasised.

The INTERGEO takes place from 17 to 19 September 2003 at the Hamburg Exhibition Centre. It is open on Wednesday and Thursday from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. and on Friday from 09:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.