This notice is being issued as a Request for Offers (RFO) for the following: The NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) has a 53-foot technology display and exhibit trailer (Benefits of Space Exhibit and Display Trailer) that requires the services of a responsible professional driver that can provide the services necessary to effectively transport and tour the trailer to various public fairs as well as other public events throughout the United States. The required work includes administrative tasks such as exhibit site surveys, management of professional drivers, on-site coordination with event managers, coordination with NASA management of drivers, travel arrangements for drivers and the scheduling of exterior maintenance of the trailer.

Stephanie D. Hunter, contracting officer, Phone: (281) 483-8523, Fax: (281) 244-0995, E-mail Krystine O. Bui, contracting officer, Phone: (281) 483-4186, Fax:(281) 244-5331, E-mail: