Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping is pleased to announce that the Leica Photogrammetry Suite will be released Fall 2003. The Leica Photogrammetry Suite is a seamlessly integrated suite of digital photogrammetry products. It takes Leica Geosystems’ existing photogrammetry products and empowers users to transform raw imagery into reliable data layers required for all digital mapping, GIS analysis and 3D visualization. Set to be simultaneously released with ERDAS IMAGINE V8.7, it will be fully compatible with Leica Geosystems’ flagship geographic imaging software suite.

The Leica Photogrammetry Suite was created by some of the best engineers in the industry- the same engineers who helped create and develop the industry-leading ERDAS IMAGINE and SOCET SET software products. It is available for purchase as an entire unit or in components. The product suite will consist of:

  • Leica Photogrammetry Suite Core (Core)
  • Leica Photogrammetry Suite Stereo (Stereo)
  • Leica Photogrammetry Suite Automatic Terrain Extraction (ATE)
  • Leica Photogrammetry Suite Terrain Editor (TE)
  • Leica Photogrammetry Suite PRO600 (PRO600)
  • Leica Photogrammetry Suite ORIMA (ORIMA)

The Leica Photogrammetry Suite features an easy-to-use interface, saving time and money on training. The process-driven workflow and exceptional processing speeds increase users’ productivity, while the set-up of the modules allows users to scale the software to fit their needs. Additionally, all users with Software Maintenance can count on Leica Geosystems’ Technical Support team, the best Technical Support team in the industry.

“The Leica Photogrammetry Suite takes our existing photogrammetry products to a whole new level,” said Martin Tremp, Vice President, Business Development & Product Management, Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping. “Our customers let us know they needed a product that fits into or enhanced their existing workflow, increased their productivity, and was affordable. We have responded with a process-driven suite of products that is based on our expertise gained with the creation and support for the ERDAS IMAGINE line and long involvement with SOCET SET sales and support.”

With the upcoming release of the Leica Photogrammetry Suite, Leica Geosystems continues to prove itself as a leading provider of photogrammetric solutions. Leica Geosystems provides products that power the Geospatial Imaging Chain of capturing, referencing, measuring, analyzing and presenting geospatial data in a format that is useful to its customers.

The Leica Photogrammetry Suite will be available for download via the Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping Web site Fall 2003.

Source: Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping