Premier personal navigation developer expands globally with leading digital map data provider.

Tele Atlas, a worldwide leading provider of digital map databases and real-time traffic information in the United States, and TomTom, a leading provider of personal navigation systems based on Microsoft Windows® Powered Pocket PCs, today announced that the two companies have extended their relationship worldwide to include map data and products for North America. The current collaboration, which began in Europe, solidifies Tele Atlas as a strategic map data vendor for TomTom's global personal navigation products.

TomTom, provider of the highly successful Navigator product, strengthens its position as a world leader in the development of the personal navigation market by incorporating the latest Tele Atlas mapping data for North America. Tele Atlas' highly accurate and fully attributed turn-by-turn map data enhances TomTom's Navigator product with greater functionality and improved ease of use. Handheld users are provided with the most up-to-date maps, routing, and driving directions for both business and lifestyle decisions.

"We are pleased that TomTom has decided to expand its relationship with us to include North America," said George Fink, president of Tele Atlas North America, Inc. and statutory director of Tele Atlas N.V. in the function of chief operating officer of Tele Atlas worldwide. "Working with an industry leader like TomTom represents a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the benefits of Tele Atlas' latest, fully attributed turn-by-turn map data for the personal navigation industry. We look forward to continuing to provide TomTom with our world-class, global mapping content to enhance its personal navigation solution."

In announcing the new agreement, Jocelyn Vigreux, president of TomTom, commented, "By globally extending our relationship with Tele Atlas, TomTom's Navigator product has become even stronger. Now, Pocket PC users in North America can enjoy the benefits provided by Tele Atlas' highly detailed turn-by-turn digital maps, ensuring a consistent, personalized experience."