3Di enters a licensing agreement with Schafer Corporation.

3Di Technologies Inc. (3Di) entered into an exclusive agreement with Schafer Corporation to license their LIDAR processing software for two- and three-dimensional building modeling and vegetation removal. For nearly a decade, 3Di has provided state-of-the-art LIDAR data collection technology through the DATIS(tm) LIDAR system. With the addition of Schafer's automated processing methods, 3Di will be able to produce extremely accurate elevation data that meets or exceeds FEMA map accuracy standards with little or no manual editing of raw data.

"Schafer's processing technology is considered the preeminent method for LIDAR post-processing by many in the mapping industry. By combining Schafer's processing technology with 3Di's superior sensor technology, 3Di will redefine the standard for sample density and accuracy in the LIDAR industry," said Jeff Armstrong, Senior Vice President of Operations at 3Di.

Schafer's advanced processing algorithms allow for automated vegetation and structure removal to acquire a more accurate bare earth DEM, as well as building extraction to provide 2-D and 3-D modeling capabilities. When coupled with DATIS, the industry's first commercial 50 kHz LIDAR sensor, this processing will enable 3Di to offer superior data products for a variety of applications in an accurate and economical manner.

3Di's pioneering work in the development of LIDAR sensor technology has positioned it as the leader in LIDAR solutions in North America. "In the federal arena, the industry is seeing flood map modernization initiatives and homeland security mandates that require an unprecedented level of precision and sophistication," said 3Di's CEO, Tim Durkin. "This recent advance in our processing capability ensures that executive agencies such as FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security can continue to look to 3Di for technology leadership."