The company says the new version is the culmination of the most ambitious product advancement effort in the firm's nearly 20 years of software development.

GBA Master Series Inc. announced the release of Version 6.61 of the firm's GBA Master Series suite of integrated infrastructure asset and maintenance management software products. The new version of the GBA Master Series is the culmination of the most ambitious product advancement effort in the firm's nearly 20 years of software development.

"Version 6.61 is the most application-, function-, and feature-rich release we've undertaken", says Jim Graham, P.E., Vice President with GBAMS. "We are taking significant strides forward by integrating with the newest ESRI geographic information system (GIS) technologies, expanding our transportation-related product offerings, and introducing products that extend the benefits provided by GBA Master Series to more departments and divisions within local governmental agencies."

The impetus for much of the improvements within Version 6.61 came from feedback GBAMS continually receives from the growing community of GBA Master Series users, currently made up of more than 150 agencies located in 35 states within the U.S. "The input of our clients is extremely valuable in helping steer the direction taken by our Product Development team", explains Don Pinkston, P.E., President/CEO of GBAMS. "With the release of Version 6.61, we feel the GBA Master Series is keeping pace with the evolving information technology needs and demands of managers of public works and water resources infrastructure systems."

"We are particularly pleased that GBAMS has been deeply integrated into ESRI's ArcGIS technology and our Geodatabase Models, adds Steve Kinzy, manager of ESRI-St. Louis. "The combination of the GBA Master Series suite of integrated infrastructure asset and maintenance management software and ESRI GIS technology provides a very complete infrastructure management solution for our clients. The value of this combined technology is enormous, in spatially tracking personnel and materials cost, managing maintenance activities, achieving GASB 34 compliance and reducing community liability. Our mutual customers have consistently experienced dramatic improvements in managing their infrastructure investments by moving from an emergency response to a preventive maintenance strategy using GBA Master Series and ESRI technology."

Completely new to the GBA Master Series in Version 6.61 are the following applications:

  • GBA GIS Master for ESRI ArcGIS (
  • GBA Signal Master for traffic signal infrastructure asset management
  • GBA ROW Master for right-of-way infrastructure asset management
  • GBA Tree Master for tree and landscaping asset management
  • GBA Park Master for park asset management

Version 6.61 also incorporates all new modules, including:

  • A Sewer Overflow module for GBA Sewer Master, which can be used by collection system managers to manage overflow incident reporting
  • Additions to the GBA Sewer Master TV Import library, including routines used to upload CCTV inspection information from the Peninsular Technologies' PipeTech ( and Blackhawk-PAS's SSET ( software systems
  • GBA Mobile Work Master, for providing mobile computing capabilities to GBA Work Master which allow completion of work orders in the field using Microsoft Pocket PC ( devices
  • A Custom module, which allows users to store information on any type of feature and track work orders that include those features

Finally, Version 6.61 includes enhancements to applications included within previous releases, including:

  • GBA Storm Master for storm water drainage system infrastructure asset management
  • GBA Accident Manager for vehicle accident reporting and analysis
  • GBA Work Master for work request and work order management
  • GBA Equipment Master for equipment/fleet asset maintenance management
  • Upgrades regarding supported versions of Crystal Reports report software (

About GBA Master Series Inc. GBA Master Series Inc. (GBAMS) is positioned as a total solutions provider regarding infrastructure management products and services for Public Works and Water Resources agencies. Designed by Civil Engineers for local governmental agencies, the GBA Master Series suite includes applications designed for complete management needs with regard to sanitary and storm sewers, water distribution systems, streets and pavements, fleet and equipment. In addition, the software allows these agencies to take advantage of extensive functionality, including capabilities for work order management, customer complaint and service request tracking, parts and materials inventory control, preventive maintenance scheduling, and GIS mapping and spatial analysis.

GBAMS is an ESRI Business Partner in development of GIS-related software applications, a Reseller of ESRI GIS software products, and was recognized by ESRI with their 2002 Business Partner of the Year award. GBAMS and ESRI are dedicated to improving the infrastructure management capabilities of local governmental agencies through enterprise GIS systems. These enterprise GIS systems provide scalable, distributed network environments utilizing multi-user geodatabases and structured data models.