Safe Software announces it is proud to be a sponsor of the Open Data Consortium (ODC), an initiative adopted by the GeoData Alliance. The ODC’s objective is to formulate a model data distribution policy to be used to guide local governments that make digital geographic information available to the public.

“We are pleased to be sponsoring the work of the Open Data Consortium,” said Dale Lutz, Vice President of Development at Safe Software. “Our involvement will ensure that the results of the consortium’s efforts will be supported by both our FME spatial ETL and SpatialDirect data distribution products. This will help make ODC’s vision readily implemental by our customers, many of whom are the ODC target audience.”

Bruce Joffe, ODC project initiator, stated: “It is wonderful to see software companies that enable easy access to geospatial data, regardless of format, collaborating with data distribution companies and local government data providers to help craft a solution to the administrative and contractual impediments to data availability. Working together to distribute and use geospatial data, businesses will expand, municipal economy will develop, and city finances will strengthen as the public's access to data becomes more available. It's all good and going to get better!"