MicroSurvey Announced Windows CE-Based Data Collection V 2.0

MicroSurveyannouncedVersion 2.0of Windows CE-based data collection. Based on the FieldGenius XG product announced in December 2002, Version 2.0 features Xtreme Graphics with 3D perspective views; direct support for LandXML files with alignments, parcels, points, geometry and surfaces; real-time surface generation with TINs, contours and shaded surface views all performed interactively while collecting points using total stations or GPS; full RTK GPS support for Leica, Ashtech, Sokkia, Novatel, Topcon/Javad and Trimble units; advanced drawing support that reads DXF files with lines, arcs, polylines, text, blocks, 3D faces and more; LandXML alignment staking with templates and cross sections; LandXML writer for storing alignments, profiles and templates; LandXML DTM surface staking; and dBase coordinate database with alphanumeric labels. (MicroSurvey, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada)