The status of bookings from exhibitors is higher this year than it was last year.

The INTERGEO 2003, the worldwide largest trade fair and conference for geodesy, geoinformation and land management is taking place from Sept. 17 to 19 at the Exhibition Center in Hamburg and will again this year defy the continuing downturn in the German economy. Every year, the combination of an application-oriented conference and the international trade fair attracts exhibitors and visitors alike. This year's motto, "Knowledge for our Earth," emphasizes again the interdisciplinary importance of the INTERGEO. The combination of conference, seminars, open forum and trade fair is world-wide unique.

The status of bookings of exhibitors is higher this year than it was during the same period in 2002. In addition to the leading playersin the geoinformation and geodesy industry, more than 300 bookings from exhibitors had been registers by the beginning of April. This means already 90 percent of Halls 9-12 is booked. The INTERGEO organizers, HINTE Gmbh and the German Association of Surveying-Association of geodesy, geoinformation and land management are expecting additional requests for exhibition space and keeping the options open for Hall 8 of the Exhibition Centre. "Domestic and international exhibitors and trade fair visitors rely on the INTERGEO to give a new momentum, improve the economic situation and lead the way, especially in difficult times," says Olaf Freier, INTERGEO project manager, HINTE GmbH.

To reflect the developments of the industry, this year's INTERGEO will present a number of products and services dealing with E-government and mobile GIS. These subject areas, which have already been represented at the INTERGEO, have come to the forefront through recent discussions in local government and the wide range of potential of applications of this information technology. Communication ahead of the event that is targeted to certain visitor groups is aimed at giving the experts the necessary help and orientation for an efficient visit of the INTERGEO in Hamburg.

Last year's visitor survey emphasized the character of the INTERGEO as the ideal meeting point for the industry. More than 90 percent of visitors would recommend a visit to the INTERGEO to others. The annual change of venue is regarded as a positive feature, since local synergies are released. This concept of an "event on the move" is positive long-term, since it allows the exploitation of new exhibitor and visitor potentials. The INTERGEO is not only the meeting point for national and international players, but also new local exhibitors and visitors join every year. For the INTERGEO 2003 a partnership with Scandinavian countries is planned.

The INTERGEO 2003 conference is going to expand its concept with application oriented talks and excursions and a new structure. The program will, in addition to the subject area of "Geoinformation," focus on a number of other topics. "Public Administration/E-government" is aiming for a modern, transparent local government that tries to get closer to its citizens. Parallel talks about the "Use of geodata" have both economic and political relevance. "Internet/Telecommunication" with an assessment of opportunities and risks from different points of view is still a very up-to-date subject. A block titled "Northern Germany/Hamburg" with subject areas such as hydrography, flood defenses or the deepening of shipping channels is keeping the location of the event in mind. Other subjects include satellite technology, transport and logistics and land management. The forum for the Surveying of the Earth goes back to the scientific roots of geodesy.

The International Symposium "Geodata-Infrastructure" deals with the imminent question of standardization and networking of geodata. With this symposium, the DVW together with the CeGI, the Center for Geoinformation in Dortmund, Germany, offer a new platform for the exchange of information. The opening of the INTERGEO conference to users and consumers, which leads to a closer link with what is on offer at the trade fair, is reflected in a number of speakers that are end-users and application-oriented.

The INTERGEO conference takes place at the CCH-Congress Centrum Hamburg-only a few minutes walk from the exhibition halls of the trade fair.