Applanix plans to present papers on topics relevant and applicable to the aerial surveying community.

Applanix Corporation announces it will be exhibiting at the upcoming ASPRS conference to be held in Anchorage, Alaska, May 5-9, 2003. This event provides an annual meeting place for geospatial data and related technology professionals. As an industry leader, Applanix fully supports the ASPRS, and plans to use this opportunity to present papers on topics relevant and applicable to the aerial surveying community.

Joe Hutton, Director of Airborne Products at Applanix, will moderate a Special Session titled “Direct Georeferencing in Support of Remote Sensing Data Acquisition”. Three papers will be presented by industry leaders on real-world results and experience using Direct Georeferencing.

Dr. Mohamed Mostafa, Chief Technical Authority for Airborne Products, will moderate a technical session titled “Mapping with High Resolution Imagery: Part 3” where he will also present a paper titled “Development and Testing of the Emerge DSS”, a comprehensive look at the new digital sensor system now available from Emerge and Applanix. This revolutionary product is the most complete, reliable medium format solution for digital remote sensing. It is engineered from ruggedized, scalable, off-the-shelf components, and is delivered fully integrated, eliminating complex, sensitive integration steps on the part of the customer. This paper documents the development of the system, and the rigorous testing completed to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

As well, Dr. Mostafa will be moderating the Special technical session titled “GPS for Aerial Surveys” which is hosted by the ASPRS Primary Data Acquisition Division. This session will concentrate on the state of airborne GPS, its limitations, and solutions which are provided by integrated Inertial/GPS. Three invited papers will be presented. Dr. Mostafa will also present a paper in conjunction with Dr. Madani of Z/I Imaging Corporation, titled “POS-Assisted vs. GPS-Assisted Aerotriangulation”, exploring the unique benefits of inertial technology for airborne aerotriangulation. This will take place during the technical session titled “Softcopy Photogrammetry: Part 3”. Both of Dr. Mostafa’s papers will address some of the issues facing aerial surveying today, and investigate answers to these problems.

Applanix plans to reaffirm its commitments to continued innovation and customer satisfaction through its participation at the event. POS AV continues to be the leading aided inertial position and orientation system for direct georeferencing of airborne sensor data, and post-processing of POS AV raw data with Applanix’s software, POSPac, ensures maximum accuracy in navigation solutions. While there are many issues facing the aerial surveying community today, POS AV continues to lead the marketplace in cutting-edge positioning technology, through enhanced post-processing features such as POSEO and POSCAL, as well as advancements in hardware and software integration. More information about Applanix’s products can be found by visiting our booth at the conference, or through our website at