Laser-Scan announces its membership in the Autodesk Developer Network.

Laser-Scan announces membership of the Autodesk Developer Network. This move strengthens the relationship between Laser-Scan and Autodesk, promoting their common goal of truly interoperable solutions.

The aim of the Autodesk Developer Network is to enable closer working between Autodesk and its partners. Laser-Scan will benefit from increased technical co-operation and sales and marketing support.

Justin Thomas, Laser-Scan's Autodesk Account Manager, says:

"Having worked with Autodesk in the UK on a number of sales and marketing activities over the past 6 months, our membership of the Developer Network cements our commitment to deploying Radius Topology within the Autodesk GIS product suite. I'm excited about the opportunities this presents for us to share our technology and expertise with Autodesk and its network of partners and users."

Radius Topology is an advanced spatial processing environment, which extends the Oracle9i database and provides dramatic improvements to the speed and consistency of spatial data handling. Working behind the scenes, Radius Topology automatically adds topological intelligence to data; existing Oracle spatial software and GIS applications, such as Autodesk Map and MapGuide, can continue unchanged. Radius Topology brings the advantages of GIS to all users within the IT environment, no specialist knowledge is necessary.

Laser-Scan has created an interactive demonstration to show the capability of Radius Topology when working with Autodesk MapGuide. The demonstration gives users the chance to see exactly how Radius Topology can be used to enhance data by eliminating gaps, slivers, overshoots and undershoots. The demonstration can be accessed via the Radius Topology website, visitors can request their free username and password at

Laser-Scan will be attending the Autodesk TechCamp in Nice, France, May 13-15. This event is Autodesk's Premier Technical Learning and Networking event for partners in EMEA and offers technical application workshops designed to provide Autodesk developers and resellers with the latest information about Autodesk's products. Laser-Scan will be delivering a workshop to explain the technology behind Radius Topology and show how the product integrates with Oracle9i and Autodesk GIS products.