GlobeXplorer released ImageAtlas 2.0, a new aerial imagery viewer.

ImageAtlas 2.0 provides instant online access to nationwide aerial imagery and street maps for anyone with a Web browser, with no software downloads needed. Users can order high quality photo prints or download digital files of any selected image online to be delivered to their desktop, home, or business.

Among its new features, ImageAtlas 2.0 provides a membership system for individual users. For a small monthly fee, registered members receive a 20 to 25 percent discount on all prints and downloads as well as watermark-free imagery browsing.

After clicking on the Map and Aerial Overlay Toggle feature, users can now use their mouse to reveal street map information overlaid on an aerial image. Additional features include a customizable user interface with co-branding capability, ability to search by either street address or latitude/longitude information, and membership signup through Paypal. Coming soon will be perspective viewing that allows any user to view and purchase 3-D imagery.

GlobeXplorer also has increased the number of print and download sizes available for image purchases. Four different print sizes can be ordered, ranging from 8-by-10 inches to 20-by-30 inches, and two digital image download sizes are now available in 200 dpi JPEG format.

More than 95 percent of the contiguous United States is available, featuring GlobeXplorer¹s Citipix six-inch imagery of 65 major metropolitan areas and every major market from top providers like AirPhotoUSA and DigitalGlobe.

Businesses can easily make ImageAtlas available to their employees. Since this application is hosted on GlobeXplorer¹s servers, companies can simply add a link to their Web site or intranet to give their employees easy access to GlobeXplorer¹s Online Library.

Source: GlobeXplorer, Dec. 16, 2003