These new improvements include more stable initial measurements and significantly faster measurement speed.

Tripod Data Systems (TDS) enhanced the Nikon NPL-302 Series pulse laser stations. The NPL-302 Series now offers a more stable initial measurement speed, and continous measurements are up to 36 percent faster in reflectorless mode. New measurement speeds (in seconds) for the NPL-302 Series are:

Prism Mode: precise 1.6 (initial 2.6), normal 0.6 (initial 2.2)
Reflectorless Mode: precise 1.6 (initial 3.5), normal 0.8 (initial 3.2)

The NPL-302 Series is available in two models. The NPL-352 has two LCD displays and offers dual-axis compensation; the NPL-332 has a single display and single-axis compensation. Both total stations have an angular accuracy of 5" and use a Class 1 laser to measure points to ±(5+2 ppm x D) mm in precise mode.

The NPL-302 Series can be used with reflector sheets or a standard prism. With a single prism, it can measure up to 16,400 ft (5 km), ideal for large-scale survey applications. Two independent measurement keys allow surveyors to take measurements using both prism and reflectorless modes on the same job. Battery life ranges from 6.5 to 27 hours depending on the frequency of measurements.

Source: TDS, Dec. 9, 2003