During the 3rd General Assembly of EuroGeographics in Istanbul, Turkey, 5th - 8th of October, 2003, Dietmar Grünreich, Director General of the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG), was appointed as the new President of EuroGeographics, the association of Europe's national mapping and cadastral agencies.

Dietmar Grünreich, born in 1946, was appointed Director General of BKG in 1999. Before that he was professor for cartography and geo-informatics at the Technical University of Hannover. He is now responsible for the duties of BKG including the compilation, updating, and provision of analogue and digital topographic and cartographic information. BKG has a staff of approximately 300, with an annual budget of 27 M€ approved by the federal parliament. Grünreich has been a member of the EuroGeographics Management Board since the very beginning of the organization. As the German expert for all kinds of reference data and the integration of environmental data he is also a member of the INSPIRE Expert Group. He brings to the European level a wealth of expertise gained in working within the decentralized structure of public surveying and mapping authorities of the states of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The election of Professor Grünreich as the third President of EuroGeographics comes at a time when the association is set to increase its membership even further. Previously, membership of EuroGeographics had only been open to those agencies that were responsible for the national mapping of their country. Recognizing that many of our members are also responsible for the cadastre and the increasing need to integrate topographic and cadastral information, membership of EuroGeographics has now been extended to other national organizations working in the area of cadastre and land administration.

Source: EuroGraphics, Dec. 3, 2003