Obtaining accurate distance and angle measurements is faster and easier.

Obtaining accurate distance and angle measurements has never been faster or easier than with the new HL3D Handlaser now available from Sokkia. The lightweight yet rugged laser instantly reads height, horizontal distance, area, slope and more. And it does so without the aid of conventional prisms or even reflectors.

A mere 3.5 pounds, the HL3D’s compact, ergonomic design, poor-weather mode, high-power battery (up to 24 hours of use) and backlit LCD make it easy to operate anywhere, day or night. A Heads-Up Display (HUD), rear-panel display and serial port provide continuous data readout for a broad array of applications, including construction-site measurement, indoor/outdoor space planning, golf course planning, mine-face profiling, tree-height measurement; GIS/GPS offset mapping and many more.