Outdoor Navigator delivers detailed topographic maps and nautical charts for handheld PDAs users.

Ideal for today's lifestyle Outdoor Navigator delivers detailed topographic maps and nautical charts for the millions of hi-tech mobile adventurers who use handheld PDAs. Outdoor Navigator lets you pick and download the maps and charts you want, when you want them from Maptech's vast library over 60,000 maps. Connect the handheld to a GPS clip-on or wireless receiver for a moving map that shows your location on highly detailed maps for recreation and even work. Outdoor Navigator works with Palm and Pocket PCs and even some of the new Smart-phones just hitting the market. Outdoor Navigator works like a subscription; the first year is $100 with an annual renewal of $30. Maps are delivered via the Internet. Any maps you download are yours to keep. Try it free at www.outdoornavigator.com.

Outdoor Navigator - Works on several handheld PDA devices:

  • Connect your PC or Mac to a handheld Pocket PC or Palm
  • Palm Powered Devices: several Palm and Sony units will work.
  • Pocket PCs: all units that run the Pocket PC operating system work - like HP and Dell.
  • Smart phones: several new smart-cell phones that combine Palm OS or Pocket PC OS are promised for the Christmas season.
  • Outdoor Navigator will work on Garmin's iQue (a Palm PDA with a built-in GPS)
  • See www.maptech.com for a listing of PDA devices that work with Outdoor Navigator.

Outdoor Navigator - all the maps and charts are GPS Ready - Hi-Tech Outdoor Navigation Made Easy Many users connect their handheld PDA device to a clip-on or wireless GPS so they can see where they are on detailed maps and charts. Maptech's website outlines which GPS accessories work with a variety of PDAs devices. Most outdoor explorers demand detailed maps that are not available on most GPS receivers because they do not have the memory to display rich, colored, detailed maps.

Once you combine a GPS with a PDA a whole new world of exploration opens up. Outdoor Navigator offers the benefits of using detailed maps, previously only available for desktop or laptop computers, now in the palm of your hand.