Safe Software Inc. announces it has added PostGIS and PostgreSQL import and export capability to its core data translation technology, making it immediately available for its flagship product FME (Feature Manipulation Engine).

This solution enables the reading and writing of PostGIS spatial data and PostgreSQL attribute data to and from over 100 FME-supported formats and systems. FME support for PostGIS includes spatial data reading and writing according to the OpenGIS Simple Features Specification 1.1. It also includes coordinate system support using both OGC WKT and PROJ4 mechanisms.

“FME is the first commercial GIS product to provide explicit support for PostGIS databases,” stated Paul Ramsey, Director and Senior GIS Analyst at Refractions. “Our company is already using the FME PostGIS support to maintain a large production PostGIS database. FME is the gold standard for data manipulation performance and configurability.”

This new addition emphasizes the continued commitment by Safe Software to OpenGIS standards, including those implemented as Open Source solutions.

Source: Safe Software, Sept. 16, 2003