New rooftop rack cargo carrier system added as option for fiberglass truck caps and tonneau covers.

A.R.E. Inc. has added a new rooftop rack cargo carrier system as an option for its line of fiberglass truck caps and tonneau covers.

The company is now offering the Multi Sport Tower Rack System from Sport Rack Automotive, in addition to its existing Glider Series racks, according to Todd Roberson, vice president of sales and marketing, A.R.E.

“We selected this system based on what our dealers told us: they requested a rugged Multi Sport System that provides an automotive quality load-carrying platform that is compatible with a broad range of existing roof rack systems,” Roberson said. “We believe this new product offering by Sport Rack Automotive, developed in conjunction with the A.R.E. Design and Technology Group, fully realizes these performance specifications laid out by A.R.E. dealers.”

The new racks feature universal rails, which accept most other manufacturers’ tower rack crossbars. They also feature universal crossbars, which work with most manufacturers’ “T”-slotted rack accessories.

“The new system works with the crossbars and cargo boxes from a variety of other manufacturers,” Roberson said. “This gives consumers a great deal of flexibility, so if they own a rooftop carrier from another manufacturer, they still can use it if they purchase a new truck cap and rail system factory installed from A.R.E.”

The locking crossbar system is designed for speedy installation or removal from any truck cap by the user. Additionally, the entire component structure is manufactured to strictest O.E.M. quality standards, which equates to a long and dependable service life.

Source: A.R.E., Inc., Sept. 9, 2003