Thales Navigation Markets Geo++ GNSMART Reference Station Software

Thales Navigationis now marketing GNSMART reference station softwarefromGeo++. The GNSMART, or GNSS State Monitoring and Representation Technique, software suite is designed for controlling networks of GPS reference stations, including the iCGRS from Thales Navigation. GNSMART provides state-of-the-art network RTK corrections using the Geo++technique of broadcasting Area Correction Parameters (FKP). The software is offered along with Thales Navigation Micro-Z CGRS and iCGRS reference stations. The software is available in two versions: GNSMART Lite and GNSMART Professional. GNSMART Lite controls the GPS receivers, downloads data, generates RTCM, converts to RINEX and carries out a continuous, simultaneous adjustment of the data in order to model the dynamic state of the entire network caused by orbits, ionosphere, troposphere and other factors. GNSMART Professional has all the capabilities of GNSMART Lite and performs integrity monitoring, analyzing the data, and generating alarms, statistics and reports. (Thales Navigation, Santa Clara, Calif.) (Geo++, Garbsen, Germany)