The Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) has selected six innovations to receive its prestigious NOVA Award for outstanding innovation in construction. The 2003 winners were announced in Michigan at the annual Innovation Celebration dinner held on Thursday, April 24, 2003.

The Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) is an international, non- profit organization formed in 1987 to encourage and recognize construction innovations. CIF identifies innovative techniques and methods that have been proven to improve quality, productivity and safety, and reduce construction costs. CIF is the only organization in existence that works to raise awareness of innovations that are proven to be effective, and the only one that encourages others to develop, implement, and require innovative processes across all segments of the construction industry.

The NOVA Award is CIF's most distinguished honor. A jury of internationally recognized experts selects NOVA winners following an intense and thorough investigative process. To date, nominations for the NOVA Award have been received from more than 20 countries. Worldwide, fifty-six innovations involving 11 countries have received the coveted award.

The 2003 NOVA Award winners were:

Pavement Quality Indicator for innovation in asphalt paving. The innovator of the Pavement Quality Indicator is TransTech Systems of Schenecdaty, New York. Two representatives were on- hand to receive the award: Alan Gilbert, and David Apkarian both of Transtech Systems.

Automatic Rebar Tying Machines for innovation in reinforced concrete construction. The two companies primarily responsible for this innovation are The Japan Automatic Machine Company of Tokyo, Japan is responsible for the U-Tier machines. The MAX Company, Limited of Tokyo, Japan is responsible for the Re-Bar-Tier machines. Tony Orr, Product Manager for Hahn Systems of Indianapolis, Indiana, a distributor of MAX machines, accepted the award.

Device Control On A Chip (LonWorks) innovation in infrastructure device networking and control.

LonWorks was invented by Echelon Corporation of San Jose, California. Receiving the NOVA Award on behalf of LonWorks was Michael Tennefoss, Vice President of Product Marketing, Training, and Customer Relations for the Echelon Corporation.

Prestressed Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) also called Pre-stressed CFRP, for innovation in pre-stressed concrete construction.

Those identified as primarily responsible were: Dr. Nabil F. Grace, P.E., Professor and Chairman of the Civil Engineering Department at Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Michigan; Dr. George Abdel-Sayed, P.E., Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada; Loris Collavino, P.E., President of Hollowcore Prestressed Systems of Detroit, Michigan; George E. Hubbell, P.E., Vice President and Treasurer of Hubbell, Roth, & Clark, Consulting Engineers of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Wayne Bonus, P.E., Administrative Engineer, City of Southfield, Michigan accepted the award.

Close Range Photogrammetry for innovation in construction measurement and graphics. People at three companies were identified as primarily responsible for Close Range Photogrammetry for Construction: Dr. Franz Leberl, the founder and former President of Vexcel Corporation, Boulder, Colorado, which developed FotoG software; Lanny Mack, former Vice-President of Vexcel, and Dr. David Knopp of Vexcel. Alan Walford, President and Founder of EOS Systems Technology, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, who developed PhotoModeler software; James Busby, David Brasher and Jeff Posey, software engineers for As Built Data, a subsidiary of BE&K of Birmingham, Alabama; and Thomas Wright, physicist, formerly with As Built Data The NOVA Award was accepted by Phil Zicarelli, President of As Built Data of Birmingham, Alabama, and Dr. Jason Szabo, Manager of Close Range Engineering for Vexcel of Boulder, Colorado.

Green Building for innovation in environmentally sustainable construction and infrastructure. CIF recognized three groups as primarily responsible for Green Building: Representing leadership in Architecture and Engineering Design, is William McDonough, AIA, of William McDonough Plus Partners and of McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry and Professor of Architecture at the University of Virginia and Cornell.

Representing leadership in setting benchmarks and standards is the United States Green Building Council and its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification System and Professional Accreditation Program. Those primarily responsible for these are S. Richard Fedrizzi, Founding Chairman of the USGBC and President of GreenThink of Syracuse, New York; David A. Gottfried, President of WorldBuild Technologies of San Francisco, California Michael L. Italiano, CEO of Sustainable Products Corporation of Washington, DC, and Christine E. Ervin, President & CEO of the USGBC in Washington, DC.

Representing leadership in constructing and managing green facilities is the Philip Merrill Environmental Center of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Annapolis, Maryland. Primarily responsible for the Merrill Center are T. James Truby, Principal of the Project Manager, Synthesis, of Columbia, Maryland; Robert M. Anderson, AIA, Project Manager for the The SmithGroup, Washington, DC Greg Mella, AIA, Project Architect for The Smith Group; Janet Harrison, AIA, Environmental Consulting Architect of Annapolis, Maryland; Chuck Foster, Chief of Staff of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Mary Tod Winchester, Vice President of Administration and Operations of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation receiving the NOVA Award on behalf of Green Building.

This Annual Innovation Celebration is recognized as one of the construction industry's premier gatherings. Nearly 500 domestic and international members of the construction industry, including contractors, architectural and engineering firms, and labor and media representatives were in attendance at the 2003 Celebration. Included in that number were members of the Construction Users Round Table (CURT) who held their spring meeting in conjunction with the awards dinner this year. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Construction Users Round Table represents over 100 of the nation's top construction purchasers, the majority of whom are Fortune 500 companies.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) sponsored the 2003 banquet, with Mr. Ed Hill, IBEW's International President as the featured speaker.

The Construction Innovation Forum now issues its annual call for NOVA Award nominations. Nomination forms may be downloaded from; and sent to CIF by the deadline of October 1, 2003. For further information, including details about individual winners, contact CIF at (248) 409-1500, or click on