Competitions acknowledge excellence in geospatial best practices, education and cartography.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions and the Intergraph GeoSpatial Users Community (IGUC) honored the award recipients of three award programs at GeoSpatial World 2003, the International Training and Management conference in New Orleans. The award programs demonstrate the vision that is embraced by education and geospatial professionals to encourage higher learning and best practices in the geospatial community.

Geospatial Achievement Awards

The worldwide competition recognizes Intergraph users who have developed innovative, technologically advanced mapping and geospatial solutions to better serve their communities or constituencies. The competition highlights organizations that help set the standard for the industry's future with development of industry-leading solutions.

Award Recipients Include:

    Applications Development - TransCanada PipeLines Limited, Canada
  • Local or Regional Government Solutions - City of Edmonton, Canada
  • National Government Solutions - JUPEN, the Department of Survey and Mapping, Malaysia
  • Transportation Industry Solutions - Collaboration between Queensland Government, Australia, and Generalitat De Catalunya, Spain
  • Utilities and Communications Solutions - GISquadrat AG, Austria

Best Practices Award and Student Poster Competitions

These two worldwide competitions are open to GeoMedia innovators and educators or students who currently use GeoMedia and to those who are new to GeoMedia technology. The Best Practices Awards program invited educators to submit entries that illustrated groundbreaking geospatial programs in the classroom. The Poster Competition encouraged students to display their creative and innovative use of geospatial software in the classroom by submitting posters.

Education winners honored include:

Poster Competition

    Georgina Drysdale, first-place winner, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
  • Martin Krch, School of Geoinformation/School of Telematics and Network Engineering, and Markus Prossegger, University of Applied Sciences - Carinthia Tech Institute Villach, second-place winners, Austria
  • David Kuria, third-place winner, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Carrie Blackwood, Certificate of Merit, Northern Illinois University, United States

Best Practices Award

  • John Moore, First-place winner, Burlington County Institute of Technology, United States
  • Chaowei Yang and David Wong, Second-place Winners, George Mason University, United States
  • Philip Young, Third-place winner, Northern Illinois University, United States

Awards for Cartographic Excellence

The Awards for Cartographic Excellence recognize professional excellence in design, technique, aesthetics, innovation, communication, and presentation. Professional cartography and map production customers, as well as students who use Intergraph mapping and geospatial software, were invited to participate.

Winners include the following:

Category I, Plotted Maps

    Col. Manuel Mateus Costa Da Silva Couto, First-place winner, Instituto Geografico de Exercito, Portugal
  • Rosa Linschoten, Second-place winner, City of Hamilton, Canada

    Category II, Printed Maps

  • Gottfried Borys, first-place winner, Orell Fussli Kartographie, Switzerland
  • Joanna Leung, second-place winner, Hong Kong Lands Department, Survey and Mapping Office, Hong Kong

    Category III, Internet Presentations

    • James Rickert, first-place winner, City of Hamilton, Canada
    • Damian Shepherd, second-place winner, Department of Agriculture, Western Australia

    All award winners will be featured on the Intergraph Web site, visit